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    Heat Trace | Applications

    Heating of residentional fuel oil storage tanks; Transportation Applications: Heat Trace's Transportation Division specialises in heating systems for all modes of transport. The range of track and points heating systems is designed to meet the exacting standards required in the transportation industry.

    Steam Tracing, Tank Heating For Heavy Crude Operations

    We offer High Performance Heat Tracing, Equipment Heating and Tank Heating solutions. Our innovative systems help make us the Authority in Steam Tracing. We help Asphalt Facilities, Oil Refineries and other Heavy Hydrocarbon operations to maximize process efficiency and minimize plant downtime.

    Steam tracing for piping - EnggCyclopedia

    Steam tracing is a type of heat tracing system for process lines. It uses steam piping in the periphery of main process line to heat up the main process fluid (like oil, gas and byproducts) and keep it warm as per requirements. Read more about its applications and how it works.

    What is Steam Tracing? (with picture)

    Steam tracing is a process that is designed to prevent heat loss as materials are moved through a plumbing system. A common application for this process is in the oil industry, where the plumbing at refineries is commonly fitted with steam tracing equipment.

    Improving Process Heating in Refineries with Welded Plate

    Improving Process Heating in Refineries with Welded Plate Heat Exchangers Compact welded heat exchangers can perform the same duty as larger shell-and-tube units in a smaller footprint. In refinery applications where space is limited, compact welded heat exchangers provide advantages.

    Heat Trace Cable vs. Immersion Heaters - Wattco

    Heat Trace Cable vs. Immersion Heaters With the advancement in technology and increases in industrial demand, industries have started to mobilize over different heating methodologies such as whether to use heating cables or immersion heaters.

    Refining Refinery Heating - Process Heating

    Bolt-on heat tracing systems address two problem areas in sulfur recovery units at one refinery. Refining Refinery Heating This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience.

    Heat Tracing of Piping Systems - What is Piping

    Heat Tracing of Piping Systems. Heat Tracing is a generalized term relating to the application of radiant heat input to piping systems from tubing attached to the outside of the pipe.. When Heat tracing is used to ensure that the system functions from a process standpoint regardless of climate conditions it is known as Process Control Tracing

    Heat Trace Solutions | Heat Tracing | Valin

    Learn How Valin has Assisted Past Clients with Effective Heat Trace Solutions: Learn how a coal-fire power plant benefits from safer working conditions and reduced downtime - all because of heat trace systems. See how Valin assisted a 3 rd party company deliver on a heat trace project that was beyond their know how or expertise.

    Trace heating

    Electric heat tracing, heat tape or surface heating, is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels using heat tracing cables.Trace heating takes the form of an electrical heating element run in physical contact along the length of a pipe. The pipe is usually covered with thermal insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe.

    Temperature Sensor Oil and Gas Applications

    Heat tracing sensors are available to measure surface temperature of pipes within systems. Pyromation also carries a broad line of explosion-proof sensor assemblies approved by FM and CSA for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous locations. Most of these assemblies are available with transmitter options.

    Plant Engineering | Process plant winterization strategies

    The solution proved to be simple, relatively inexpensive and much more reliable and controllable than heat trace. Heat tracing also has limited value in high temperature and/or high mass valve applications. Traditionally, heat trace installers coil or wrap a large amount of heat trace cable onto valves to ensure they get enough heat energy.

    Heat Trace | Valin

    Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cables Self-regulating cables are flexible, can be cut-to-length in the field and can be single overlapped without fear of burnout in areas where complex piping and equipment require additional heat trace cable. Heating cable are manufactured for use on 120 and 208 to 277V and maintain temperatures to 302 °F (150 °C).

    PDF Offices Worldwide - Thermon

    Heat tracing is used in numerous applications, each requiring specific knowledge and experience. One of the fields is heat tracing for hydrate prevention in gas fields. The use of heating cables is essential to warrant the uninterrupted production of gas, even at low temperatures. A typical example of this is the Groningen Long Term Project

    Make the Most of Electric Tracing | Chemical Processing

    The make-up water was frozen because the electric heat tracing failed or was poorly installed. There was no time to troubleshoot — I had about an hour to come up with a circulation-conservation plan before we'd lose every fiberglass vessel in the plant on that cold January night in Portage, Ind. Tracing, often ignored, becomes critical at times like these.

    Winterization: Protection Against Low Ambient Temperature

    PURPOSE. This design guide provides the basic philosophy and an engineering methodology for developing and implementing Heat Tracing and Winterization design in Oil and Gas projects.. SCOPE. This guide covers the protection of equipment, piping and instruments from the effects of low ambient temperature.

    Guide to Heat Tracing | Heat Trace Insulation | Firwin Corp

    Some of the other functions of heat tracing in the oil and gas industries include maintenance of set temperatures during refining and storing processes and winterizing processing facilities in colder climates. we provide a full range of high-performance insulation for use with heat tracing.

    Heat transfer fluids for oil and gas | Thermal fluid for oil

    Heat transfer fluids (HTFs) are essential in oil and gas processing and are used in all phases of fuels extraction, transport, refining and recycling. Oil and gas processing requires the use of a specific heat transfer fluid designed to work at high temperatures for prolonged periods of time.

    Heating Cable Manufacturers, Electric Floor Heating Cable

    Oil refining device can be used for electric heating and heat preservation in the tropics; Principle of heating cable floor radiant heating; Electric heat tracing system can be used for road snow melting system

    Changing from HFO to MDO or MGO: Technological modifications

    Heat tracing should be shut off as should oil pre-heaters that have not been bypassed. Density Typically the density of lighter fuels is lower than of HFO (and MDO), which may have the result that the amount of (lighter) fuel to the burner will differ from the amount original pre-set and thus for instance cause ignition problems or

    Refining Community | >> Cold Weather Action Plan

    Don't forget the methanol injection pumps. Use lubricant for low temperature application. For water-filled instrumentation and control lines: provide heat tracing and insulation; For idle air-conditioning remove water from oil cookers and water jackets and drain condensers of chilling units.

    PDF Review These Refinery Best Practices

    REFINING eHANDBOOK: Review These Refinery Best Practices 3 P etroleum refining is a highly ener-gy-intensive process using both purchased energy (gas and elec-tricity) and byproduct streams from the refining processes. Energy use accounts for approximately 50% of refining costs. As ma-jor energy suppliers, refineries must report

    Ejector and Steam Jet Ejector Images - Graham Corporation

    The ejector includes heat tracing and flushing nozzles to remove solid deposits from ejector internals. Twin element steam jet ejectors installed on a large crude oil vacuum tower. These large ejectors are part of a four-stage system and are designed to maintain 12 torr pressure at the top of the crude oil tower.

    Adapting instrumentation to the needs of refineries

    Since crude oil distillation is a high-temperature application, the impulse lines running to the DP transmitter often use a sealed system with multiple fill fluids to allow measurement of the high-temperature fluid, while avoiding the cost and maintenance challenges that are present with heat tracing. DP for level on the distillation tower.

    Case Study: Creating a Program for CUI - Insulation Outlook

    Introduction This case study looks at a particular oil refinery located in the Midwest that has had a long-standing problem with corrosion under insulation (CUI). In the late summer of 2012, the refinery owner hired me as a consulting engineer to make practical recommendations to reduce the number of occurrences and severity of CUI.

    Our Brands | RAYCHEM | TRACER | PYROTENAX | nVent Thermal

    Being an expert in the field means that TRACER will work to understand the specific needs of your project and your business and will design an optimized heat management system focusing on the value-added capabilities of the highest quality heat tracing product manufacturers and is the pre-eminent service organization in existence today

    Oil & Gas Sectors | Oil and Gas | Siemens

    The perfect place to address all areas of your oil, gas and petrochemical supply chain Depending on the exact purpose of your oil and gas or petrochemical facility, creating a safe and secure work environment can involve any number of different technologies and strategies.


    REFINING STORAGE TERMINALS Thermon provides heat tracing solutions to the petroleum industry in the upstream, midstream and downstream components of oil and gas production, processing, storage, and distribution. The upstream sector requires elevated temperatures to move the crude oil and/or raw natural gas to the surface. The downstream sector

    PDF Process Heating Systems

    heating applications as well as Solid component using requirement. Marathon Process heating systems or Electric heaters are widely used in Process heating application in Oil n Gas, refinery, Petro chemicals, Power, Marine, R & D and nuclear applications. Tailor made design as per customer's process requirements n in accordance

    Heat Trace | Applications Industrial_Applications

    The majority of heat trace installations exist within the piping from a Refinery to a Thermal Power Station and within the boundaries of the Station itself; associated with on-shore, occasionally off-shore, crude oil production facilities; as part of the larger district heating schemes and within heavy fuel oil storage facilities.

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